Jacob Frydman

Jacob Frydman is a New York-based real estate developer investing in commercial real estate projects in the East Coast of the United States

Jacob Frydman (born September 5, 1957) is a New York-based real estate developer investing in commercial real estate projects in the East Coast of the United States.[1] His real estate investments in New York include the acquisition of the Global Crossing building from Goldman Sachs,[2][3] and purchase of 500 Tenth Avenue, which his partner Mitch Rutter, Frydman and two others redeveloped into the DHL Center in Manhattan.[4][1]


Early life and education

Frydman was born to a Jewish family, the son of Lea (née Fishman) and Michel Frydman.[5][6] His father owned a construction company in New Jersey.[7] He has a B.S. in Finance from Boston University and a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.[8]

Jacob Frydman / Career

United Reality Advisors

Since 2011, Frydman has served as chairman and CEO of United Realty Advisors LP.[9] The Manhattan based company provides a full-service REIT platform, including direct investments in commercial property assets and strategic third-party advice.[10]Through affiliated entities, United Realty Advisors also sponsors public and private real estate investment products.[9]

United Realty Trust

Frydman is the former chairman and chief executive officer of United Realty Trust,[11] a small non-traded real estate investment trust (REIT). The firm invested in real properties, and joint ventures. In September 2015 Frydman announced the sale of the company to Sacramento-based First Capital.[12]

Cabot Lodge Securities

Frydman has been acting as chairman of the board of Cabot Lodge Securities since 2012. Headquartered in New York City, the company offers a full set of financial services and investment products, including equitiesfixed incomemutual fundsvariable annuities, and REITs. Its affiliates provide separately managed accounts, life, disability, mortgages, and wealth management services.[9]

Additional activities

In 2011 Frydman became a member of the board of directors of the Bardavon 1869 Opera House.[13]

In 2013, Frydman as the CEO of United Realty starts United Realty Students – a scholarship program awarding $100,000 to students who best answer the question “How Do I Invest In My Future?”[14][15]


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