Jacob Frydman Investor into Inflation Protected Leases

Pandemic has Created Great Opportunities for Investors in Real Estate.

There is a loss for some peoples whereas some see it as an opportunity to invest in real estate projects. The pandemic is an opportunity for those who are seeking to invest in real estate. The share markets in the world are at the lowest level these days, people who believe pandemic will end are investing in real estate companies that have great potential for profit in the future. For those investors, the pandemic has come with a great value-added deal. 

Many of the world’s real estate investors are sitting on piles of cash, preparing to cash these opportunities created by the pandemic. There is always a great risk with the buying price investors had to deal with. They need to wait for the right time when the price will reach its bottom line, sometimes they miss judge it, whereas some time market stays down for a long time, that will create a long delay for investors’ profit-earning dreams. A successful investment is all about finding the right asset and pricing.

Whereas there are people especially hotels, restaurants, and commercial business complex owners. These people are closed down for a long time or operating with limited amounts and very little business. These people are the ones at huge losses. Some who have rented a spot are unable to pay their rent. Some people who owe loans from banks were also unable to pay back. Although some countries had come up with a moratorium plan to avoid bank dues for a certain time, whereas some had not done much for these businesses. Some of the businesses had already learned to keep a backup plan of action from past downfalls in the market, whereas some are at closing point. Some were seeking investors to power their business back. Hotels, restaurants, and booking services providers’ assets price are at all levels down around the world with no indication of improvements in the near future.